How many fish should I get?

As a general rule of thumb, a starting point for "numerical" stocking density (number of fish per gallon) is one fish per two gallons of water, assuming good aeration and water quality. The use of pure oxygen dramatically increases allowable stocking densities, while inadequate aeration or water filtration dramatically reduces allowable stocking densities.  The target fish size also impacts initial stocking densities, with lower stocking densities for larger target sizes (e.g. two pounds) and higher stocking densities with lower target sizes (e.g. one pound).  It is generally a good idea to have additional fish so that occasional losses along the way do not affect production targets.  Some customers maintain higher stocking densities, knowing that once the fish approach target size, that they will begin harvesting them thus making more space available for the remaining fish.  If you do not have a commercial air blower, you may want to begin with one fish per three to four gallons.  It is common industry practice to have a sequence of progressively larger tanks, allowing producers to maintain appropriate densities throughout the life cycle of the fish.

Numbers and Pricing

During the early years of operation, we had two primary markets - large scale farms and educational institutions. Today, most of our volume still comes from large commercial operations. Our price per fingerling varies according to the number of fish ordered.

Growing, however, are the number of smaller orders from "backyard" growers and local food producers. In order to cater to the growing numbers of these orders, we created two flat rate boxes.  They are the Single Box and the Half Box. The Single Box holds 650 grams of fingerlings if it is shipped overnight air (UPS) and 800 grams if it is shipped via same day air cargo. The Half Box holds 225 grams of fingerlings. The boxes cost the same whether there are a greater number of smaller fish or a fewer number of larger fish. We have created a table of average weights and numbers to give you an idea of how many fish of a particular size will fit into a box. The numbers in the table are based on our standard graded sizes. The numbers will be smaller for fingerlings larger than 2 grams. Remember that the flat rate only applies to Single Box and Half Box orders. For larger orders, per-fingerling prices apply. For large orders of stockers and fish over 5 grams, please call or message us.



How do I order fingerlings?

The easiest way to order fingerlings is to click the "Open Order Form" button below, then complete and submit the form.  Don't worry if you aren't sure what you are doing - no payment information is taken at this time, and an AmeriCulture representative will contact you to go over your order and answer any questions you have. Filling out the order form in advance streamlines the process, and make it easier for us to help you when we contact you. There is also a place on the form for questions or comments. If you still feel like you have more questions before you order, visit the contact page and fill out the message form there, or call or email us anytime.

Smaller Order?

***New*** Small-Order prices are now available.  Call or message us for an estimate for orders of 100 fingerlings or less.  We are in the process of revising our price structure and will discount the Half Box rate by half or more for very small orders.

Shipping Methods

Air Cargo

Same day air cargo service from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ.  Requires pick-up at a major regional airport. Contact us for a list of airports near you. Air cargo shipments normally take place every Wednesday.

UPS Overnight

UPS picks up at our farm in the afternoon and arrives at your door by the end of the next business day.  UPS shipments normally go out every Wednesday.

Live Haul

We haul some large fingerling orders as well as larger fish for farms, pond stocking, or vegetation control in our own live haul truck on a case by case basis. Place orders for larger stocker fish two to three months in advance.